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  • 疲劳驾驶预警系统;闭眼报警;低头报警;分心报警;内置红外灯,可识别墨镜;外观精致小巧;无需布线,安装简易无损。

· Drowsiness Alarming (Yawning, Head Lowering or 80% Eye Closing).

· 1080P High Definition Non-Contact Design with the Angle Adjustable.

· Gesture Controlled Switch (Palm: ON / V-gesture: OFF).

· Perfect Night Vision Function as In the Daytime.

· Functional Even When Wearing Ultraviolet-Proof Sunglasses.

· Real-Time Recognition Accuracy Exceeds 95%. 

· With a sticky PU Anti-Slip Pad, Easy to Install.