Car camera installation cautions
  |  2019-03-15

The car camera needs to pay attention to the following when installing:

1. First, you need to confirm the instructions for installing the product and confirm the working voltage range of the product.

2. When installing, you need to confirm the power take-off position and installation position, and confirm whether the length of the camera connection harness meets the installation requirements.

3. Use a multimeter to measure whether the voltage at the power take-off position meets the working voltage requirements of the camera.

4. Turn off the power on the car when you start to install the camera.

5. Since the camera body has strict requirements on air tightness, the camera body must not be tapped using the weight during the assembly process.

6. Since the camera lens is made of glass, you should not use the heavy tool or sharp tool to hit the pressing mirror during the assembly process.

7. Since the surface of the camera lens is chemically coated, it should not be wiped clean with a strong acid and salt chemical cleaner.

Car camera installation cautions(图1)