Conditions which will affect the accuracy of parking system
  |  2019-03-07

The following conditions may affect the performance of the sensors to accurately detect obstacles

A. Bumper or sensor is strongly impacted.

B. There is a layer of fog, rain, dirt, snow or ice on the surface of the sensor.

C. Sensor is frozen

D. The sensor is covered .

E. The vehicle significant tilts when it is reversing           

F. Vehicles are reversing on particularly bumpy roads, slopes, gravel or grass

G. There is another vehicle in the vicinity of the vehicle equipped with the same type of parking system.

H. The weather is too hot or too cold .

I. There are vehicle tweeters, motorcycle engine and some other noise around.

J. Air brake sound or other strong noise that can cause ultrasonic waves

K. The reversing speed is over 15KM/h.

L. Suffering from sound absorbing materials (such as sponges, etc.)

Conditions which will affect the accuracy of parking system(图1)