Common troubleshooting of vehicle camera
  |  2019-03-18

1. Camera has no image:

1.1   Generally, first check if the connector of the camera is loose.

1.2   Check if the harness terminal is loose from the connector and the harness is open or broken.

1.3   Use a multimeter to check if the power input is normal or not.

1.4   If there is no abnormality, use the alternative method to confirm. If there is still no image, apply for after-sales service.


2. Camera image jitter:

2.1   Check the camera’s own stand is loose or not.

2.2   Check if there is looseness between the camera and the mounting hole.

2.3   Check if there is strong electromagnetic field interference around the camera harness.

2.4   If there is no abnormality as described above, use the alternative method to confirm whether the fault is eliminated. If it is not eliminated, apply for after-sales service.

Common troubleshooting of vehicle camera(图1)